2022 Newsletter

Lots to celebrate in the Jones household this year! J...

2021 Fall Newsletter

The inaugural release of the first vintage of Petite Sirah...

2020 Newsletter

There’s a story behind every vintage of Paravel, from vineyard to cellar to bottle.

2019 Newsletter

Things are getting exciting on Howell Mountain as summer begins to give way to fall.

2018 Newsletter

When we released the first vintage of Paravel in 2013, we had high hopes...

2017 Newsletter

2017 has brought some exciting changes to the Paravel universe...

2016 Newsletter

Dug into the Howell Mountain soil on July 1, 2016, the Paravel Estate Vineyard is here, alive and growing strong.

2015 Newsletter

Soil has been turned up, rocks are being carted away, and another of Jon’s far-off dreams is coming closer to reality: he’s slowly evolving into a farmer.

2014 Newsletter

There will soon be a vineyard, and Paravel wines will literally have their own roots. Thanks to Hoppy. And thanks to you, we have people who will appreciate the wine we grow.

2013 Newsletter

... an incredible year for hillside fruit in Napa Valley. I like to keep my vineyards in the hills, so it worked out well. Early rain tempted early picking, but I held out until the end of October, well into an Indian Summer for the storybooks.


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